Mixing Services



Kaminari Knight now offers a high quality mixing service, which is currently in beta, meaning that customers can pay whatever they like based on their satisfaction with the result. He currently does not offer mastering service.




THE PROCESS - Please read carefully!

  1. To begin, contact Kaminari Knight and send him either an MP3 or a SoundCloud link of the track(s) on which you want him to mix or master.

  2. Kaminari Knight will review your track. If he approves it, you will be asked to send him audio files as follows:

    • Export every seperate track (for example: separated drums (i.e.: kick, snare, cymbals, etc), bass, guitar, vocal, synth, fx, etc.) as 24-bit .wav or .aif files. When exporting the tracks, make sure there is no processing on the master channel. Also, it is very important to make sure there is no peaking on the exported files!

  3. After recieving the audio files, Kaminari Knight will lock himself in his room and get to work on your track. IMPORTANT: Please be aware that as his weekly schedule contains several hours of studying, it may take several weeks or perhaps even a month for him to complete just one track.

  4. Once he has completed work, you will be given a link to a preview of the completed track. If you are satisfied with the result, you can get a copy of the completed file after paying a price of your choice based on your degree of satisfaction.

  5. If you release the completed track commercially, please be sure to credit Kaminari Knight. It is also preferrable that Kaminari Knight receives at least 10% of the revenue from the sales of that track.


Tips for making an easy-to-work-with recording:

A lot of producers will tell you this, if the mix involves recording a live band, be sure to thoroughly rehearse the song before recording it! Also, it is recommended that the band be recorded in a professional-grade recording studio.