Frequently Asked Questions and Legal Information

Frequently Asked Questions

I Want to Collaborate with Kaminari Knight. How do I go about that?

Maybe you're a filmmaker, dancer/choreographer, or a game developer looking for some background music, or maybe you're another musician who wants to team up with K-Knight to create a musical masterpiece together? To start a collaboration with Kaminari Knight, contact him either via the questionnaire on the Contact page of this website, or by emailing him at When contacting Kaminari Knight, please include your name (this could be your stage name, pen name, etc. if you prefer), and depending on your professional field, a link to your official website, SoundCloud, BandCamp, YouTube, Vimeo, or whichever platform(s) are relevant to your field.


Hey K-Knight, your production sounds so solid! Could you mix/master my track for me, pretty please?

Firstly, I should inform you that as I am still away from my home in Perth, Australia, I currently only have access to a limited subset of my setup (see the Bio page for more information) here in Japan. Also, aside from the DJ-grade headphones I took with me, I currently only have a pair of Consumer-grade Logitech speakers to work with in a room of a share house in Japan.

However, that is not to say that it is impossible. I should note that I have had some experience in mixing and mastering tracks by other artists, not to mention genres beyond what I usually write (training on such was included in my university course back at ECU), so I believe I will be able to help you out in one way or another. I do still have a computer, internet, Propellerhead Reason, and some headphones (as I mentioned earlier), so wherever you may be in the world, as long as you have decent internet I think I can do do you proud.


Use of Kaminari Knight's Music

Michael Holmes aka Kaminari Knight is the sole owner of all the music and other media he creates unless otherwise noted. There are a few things you will need to know about what it can and cannot be used for.

If you own a legitimate copy of any of Kaminari Knight's music, including tracks that Kaminari Knight may allow you to download for free (for example a track he may make freely downloadable his official BandCamp or SoundCloud), you may:

  • Promote it on radio, television or an online video site such as YouTube, as long as you DO NOT ALLOW PEOPLE TO DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE, and as long as you give credit to Kaminari Knight. Where applicable, if the track is officially available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play or any other distribution platforms, please include a link to it.

  • Use it in not-for-profit (i.e.: free to enter) events including for DJ Sets, or for background music.

  • Copy and play the tracks on any computer or audio device that you own, for personal use only.

Without Kaminari Knight's permission, you may NOT:

  • Sell Kaminari Knight's music without paying him revenue equal to the standard price set on his official BandCamp, iTunes, Google Play, etc., times the number of copies sold.

  • File-share or make any of Kaminari Knight's tracks downloadable for free, even those he already makes freely downloadable. As the official author of his tracks, Kaminari Knight reserves the right distribute ALL of his tracks, even free ones.

  • Use it for commercial advertisements or political propaganda without prior permission from Kaminari Knight.


Donating to Kaminari Knight

As much as Kaminari Knight appreciates your support, there are some important points you will need to know before donating to Kaminari Knight.

  • Kaminari Knight's loyalty and autonomy ARE STRICTLY NOT FOR SALE. Kaminari Knight reserves the right to decide what his views are and who and what he aligns with, and maintains the right to change at any time. In other words, you may not bribe Kaminari Knight or provide him with political or corporate donations without his ongoing permission.

  • If you do not like what Kaminari Knight says or does, or the ways in which he does such, please refrain from donating to Kaminari Knight. Simple, right?